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The Indus India Index is designed to represent the Indian equity markets as a whole. The Index has 50 constituents, spread among the sectors: Information Technology, Health Sciences, Financial Services, Heavy Industry, Consumer Products and Other. The Index will be supervised by an index committee, comprised of representatives of the Indus Advisors and members of academia specializing in emerging markets.

The Indus India Index is constructed using a rules-based methodology. The initial universe of components includes the 200 largest companies listed on the National Stock Exchange and the largest 200 companies listed on the Bombay Stock Exchange.

An important criterion for ranking the companies for potential selection within the Index is a proprietary methodology developed by the Indus Advisors, known as "IndusCap".

The 50 companies in the Indus India Index are chosen, and the weight of each security calculated, based on: (a) the respective IndusCaps of the securities in the initial universe (b) certain diversification rules under U.S. tax laws and European Union laws (RIC and UCITS respectively) and (c) sector limits (no more than 40% of the Index's assets will be invested in any of the above-named sectors).