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Indus Advisors LLC is a research firm with a focus on the Indian Equity Markets.

The two primary activities of the firm are:

  • Construction and maintenance of Investible India indexes. Most of the widely used India indexes do not take into account certain regulatory constraints on foreign ownership of Indian equity securities; and thus can not be faithfully replicated within funds or individual investment accounts of non-Indian investors. By properly taking such constraints into account, the firm offers “Investible” indexes. The firm has developed, and maintains, Indus India Index, a broad-market, large-cap index; and is developing other investible indexes for foreign investors for segments of the markets differentiated by sectors, capitalization, style, industries, and such.

    The broad market Indus India Index has been licensed to Invesco PowerShares as the underlying index for the PowerShares exchange-traded fund, PIN. PIN is listed on the New York Stock Exchange, and uses the services of such firms as Goldman Sachs, Brown Brothers Harriman, and others.

  • Assistance to fund management firms with fund performance monitoring, attribution analyses and other quantitative research.